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Vermont State Road Exams
This registration is not for Precision Driver Training School students.   
Eligibility Requirements


Driver Ed students must meet the following requirements to be eligible to take the state road exam at Precision Driver Training School:

Must be 16 years of age or older

Must possess a valid Vermont permit for one year

Must possess the
Vermont Completion Certificate provided by their Driver Ed instructor.

Must possess a completed Vermont 40 hour practice log that includes the total practice time and a  parent's signature or a printed copy of the Road Ready app.

A $40 credit card deposit is required to reserve an appointment.

Students may test using the Precision Driver Training School driver ed car or they may use their own car.  If they use their own car, the following is required:

Proof of valid registration

Proof of valid insurance
A working parking brake

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Phone: (802)-754-2842

Address: 19 Simino Lane

Irasburg, VT 05845


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